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Zahra Food Industries

Zahra Food Industries is an Ugandan producer of teas, dried and fresh fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, seeds and the leading ISO FSMS certified company in East Africa. They export to East African countries, USA, Middle East, Turkey and Europe.

Ambitious and innovative, Zahra Food Industries set up an advanced food processing facility and continuously engages in business accelerating programs with Ugandan business incubators. Zahra’s wide portfolio of products and diversified value-added fruit production enables them to create sustainable growth opportunities for their company and rural Ugandan communities. Their vision is to become one of the top global food processors and drive sustainable growth for African communities.

Zahra's dried fruits

Zahra’s dried mangos, pineapples, bananas, papayas and jackfruits are sourced mainly from Central and Eastern Uganda, some of the most fertile African areas. Tropical conditions, average 1000 m of altitude, high-yielding fields and multiple harvest seasons make these regions suitable for abundant supply of nutritious fresh produce.


For their UNBS Q Mark certified dried fruit range Blossomz they use advanced dehydrators with highest drying precision and advanced production processes that maximise the retention of the organoleptic values of every fruit. With no added sugars, preservatives, additives, colourings or flavourings, they make sure that their dried fruits taste as delicious and look as natural as the perfectly ripened fruits.

Zahra's social and environmental impacts

As part of their environmental efforts, Zahra Food Industries recycles all their organic food waste into sustainable feed and fertiliser through a circular recycling process. They refrain from using preservatives, additives, colourings or flavourings in their products. Jackfruit, their new product addition and a vegan meat replacement, indirectly reduces carbon emissions. For Earth Day each year they plant new trees.


As part of their social responsibility, they prioritise employing youth and women, tackling youth unemployment and supporting economic women empowerment. They engage in community projects, such as providing meals for 225 children in the Kireka community during the World Food Day. They source only from smallholder farmers, supporting their livelihoods and education.

Zahra's certificates
Zahra's partners
  • ISO FSMS 22000: 2018

  • UNBS Q Mark

  • Proteen

  • Business Lab Uganda

  • Partners in Food Solutions

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