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About us

Source Africa is a sourcing initiative led by Anteja Africa and ProFound.
We link global buyers of natural products and ingredients
directly with certified, sustainable, and transparent East African agribusinesses. 

Meet the team

Bert Jan Ottens photo.jpeg

Bert-Jan Ottens

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Founder & owner at ProFound,

expert in sustainable trade development & sustainable direct sourcing

Susan Mugure photo.jpeg

Susan Mugure

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Agriculture specialist with strong background in food safety & quality assurance systems, sustainable agriculture & trade promotion

Mateja Dermastia slika.jpeg

Mateja Dermastia

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Founder at Anteja Africa,

expert in sustainable value chain development with extensive experience in East African agriculture value chains 

Jon Goriup Dermastia .png

Jon Goriup

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Digital transparency

Nicolas Caso photo.jpeg

Nicolas Caso

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Sustainable trade promotion

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David Ngechu

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martina vilhar.jpeg

Martina Vilhar

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Camiel Drenth photo.jpeg

Camiel Drenth

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Value chain analysis & market trends

Anteja Africa offers digital transparency solutions, advisory services and cluster support to East African brands and agribusinesses. We help agribusinesses build their agricultural value chains, improve their market position, and scale their sales activities.


Based in Nairobi, Anteja Africa implements phy2app across East African countries. phy2app is a digital transparency and a market linkage solution that enables producers of natural ingredients communicate information about product origin, production processes and impacts to their buyers, creating direct relationships, while offering transparent products to consumers.


Together with our East African partners, Anteja Africa engages in the development of clusters in natural ingredients sectors: Moringa Cluster Uganda, Natural Cosmetics Cluster Uganda, Nuts Cluster Kenya, Avocado Cluster Kenya.

ProFound assists entrepreneurs in emerging markets in the natural ingredients sector. We help to capture economic opportunities from production to market entry. We aim for local development that lasts: adding value for producers and sustaining local biodiversity.

Our value chain development services range from market and gap analysis, business planning, to rural finance and matchmaking.

We work in different regions of the world, cooperating closely with entrepreneurs, sector associations and international buyers.


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