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Valúdo is an organic coconut oil producer from São Tomé and Príncipe. With sustainability at the heart of their development strategy, they engage in organic production and enable more than 500 families from rural communities to make a living income from coconut products. Proud of the traditional know-how of the Sao Tomean planter and gatherer communities, Valúdo’s mission is to offer customers high quality virgin coconut oil with high social and environmental responsibility, of a unique flavour and whose origin is the unique archipelago in the Gulf of Guinea.

Valúdo’s coconut oil

Valúdo’s coconuts are grown on wild coconut trees and rich, volcanic soils of São Tomé and Príncipe. Their cold pressed coconut oil is produced onsite with freshly picked coconuts using a process that preserves all their exceptional properties. In 2020, their coconut oil won the golden medal at the AVPA Paris Gourmet Food Product.

Valúdo’s social and environmental impacts

Valúdo employs nearly 100 Santomean people and enables more than 500 families from rural communities to make a daily living from the coconut sector and to develop their land. Through their Development Fund they have put in place numerous social and environmental projects that make sure that the producers’ families have a better education and health care.

Besides the organic production, Valúdo engages in zero-waste practices and only works with wild coconut trees, making sure no trees are cut in the process.

Valúdo's certificates
  • EU organic

  • Ecocert

  • Fair for Life

  • Vegan

  • Agricert

  • Biosuisse organic

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