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T&Co. is a Kenyan tea producer, founded in 2018 by Jennifer Odera. They offer a wide selection of green, black, purple, herbal teas and tea blends. Committed to creating positive social and environmental impacts, T&Co. supports their farmer communities and promotes reusable tea accessories among their customers. They sell their products mainly in Kenya with limited online sales to The Netherlands, US and Switzerland.

T&Co.'s tea

T&Co. sources their tea from a tea cooperative in Central and Western Kenya, East and West of the Great Rift Valley. For their tea blends, they use loose leaf tea instead of CTC tea, retaining tea’s authentic flavour. Blended in small batches, their tea blends are sold as pre-packaged finished goods fit for the end consumer.


T&Co’s pure teas:

  • White Golden Tips

  • White Silver Tips

  • Green tea

  • Purple tea

  • Black tea

  • Organic Camomile.


T&Co.’s tea blends:

  • Nairobi Chai (spiced Masal black tea)

  • Babu Chai (cacao & vanilla spiced black tea)

  • Turmeric Tonic Loose (turmeric and ginger tisane)

  • Turmeric Tonic Powdered (a powdered turmeric blend)

  • Lala Salama Brew (a sleepy-time herbal blend).

T&Co.'s social and environmental impacts

T&Co. trains women in the Kibera and Kawangware neighbourhoods in Nairobi, Kenya, in sourcing and processing of spices and herbs, as well as in packaging of loose leaf teas. In order to support businesses of hundreds of smallholder farmers, they buy the majority of their teas from the local tea cooperative. 

All T&Co. teas are grown without the use of pesticides and fertilisers. T&Co. promotes reusable tea accessories among their customers in order to diminish the use of plastic tea bags, which negatively affect our health and environment.

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