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Founded in 2008 in Burkina Faso, the High Basin and Cascade Shea Butter Producers Network (RPBHC) is a shea butter producer and a charity with more than 21.000 members (96% women and 54% young people) federated around 466 basic cooperatives. Dedicated to the economic, social, and cultural empowerment of women and young people, they promote high value-added sectors, particularly the shea sector.

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RPBHC’s shea butter

RPBHC offers shea butter, sesame, moringa, almonds and honey. Their shea nuts are collected by trained cooperative members and processed with the utmost care respecting international quality standards and requirements and with a guaranteed traceability.

RPBHC’s social and environmental impacts

RPBHC currently employs more than 200 employees, 74% of which are women and 79% young people. They engage in the following activities to develop their employees and members:

  • promotion and empowering women and youth through the development of sustainable trade relations

  • organizing and strengthening the management and production capacities of member producers

  • developing women's and men's leadership by creating a working environment of sharing experiences, entrepreneurship training.

Examples of their charity projects:

  • 5 boreholes with drinking water supply for the benefit of 5 villages of more than 4 800 people.

  • 90 beds and mattresses for the Health and Social Promotion centers.

  • 100 school fees subsidies for young girls to promote education in the communities where the education of the young girl is not a priority.

To ensure the sustainability of the shea resource and with the support of their technical partners, RPBHC is developing a series of management and environmental protection activities:

  • sanitary pruning of over 1200 trees

  • grafting of more than 810 shea trees

  • establishment of shea nurseries with over 42.000 shea plants

  • assisted natural regeneration of over 400 plants.

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RPBHC's certificates
  • EU organic

  • AB certification

  • NOP

  • Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS)

  • Fair for Life

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