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Purple Chai

Purple Chai is a Kenyan tea producer and exporter, established in 2020. Dedicated to encouraging their customers in embracing healthier lifestyles, they offer black, green and purple tea, known for high antioxidant properties.

Purple Chai's purple tea

Purple Chai offers over 20 blends and flavours of purple teas, sourced from purple tea growers in Murang’a county on the fertile slopes of Mt. Kenya. Grown at high altitudes and UV radiation, purple tea plants produce high levels of antioxidants with numerous health benefits, making it a new specialty tea.

Purple Chai sells carefully selected, processed or unoxidised purple tea. Packed after being rolled and dried, unoxidised purple tea is not exposed to air, which conserves its freshness and flavour. Their teas are packed according to high hygiene standards to produce a rich taste and aroma.

Purple Chai's partnerships
  •  Kenyan National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI)

  • International Trade Centre (ITC)

  • African Women's Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP)

  • Made in Kenya initiative

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