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Privamnuts EPZ

Privamnuts is a Kenyan macadamia nut processor and exporter. They source their macadamia nuts from over 80.000 smallholder farmers from the slopes of Mount Kenya. They have developed over 50 buying centres in Kenya, managed by field supervisors, and numerous collection centres. Located in Thika County near Nairobi, they have a processing capacity of 7.000 metric tons of nuts per year. Owning a macadamia nursery with 100.000 seedlings, they are also experts in growing macadamia trees.

Privamnuts EPZ's macadamia nuts

Naturally grown in the mineral rich highland soils of Mount Kenya, Privamnuts’ macadamia nuts are crunchy and flavourful. Their farmers use sustainable methods to cultivate their macadamia trees, intervening as little as possible, using the resources at hand, such as animal manure, and avoiding the use of pesticides.

They ensure high quality of their macadamia nuts by complying with FSSC 22000, Kenyan AFFA and KEPHIS regulations, by monitoring process flow from intake to dispatch and by continuously improving the growing and handling processes of 100.000 macadamia seedlings in their nursery.

Privamnuts EPZ's social impacts

Privamnuts is committed to provide agricultural training to their large network of smallholder farmers, with whom they maintain long-term partnerships. They create job opportunities for women, who make up the majority of their smallholder suppliers and employees. In 2021, they received an investment from Vital Capital to create more jobs, increase productivity, improve the well-being of their employees and empower rural communities.

Privamnuts EPZ's certificates
  • FSSC 22000

Privamnuts EPZ's partnerships
  • Vital Capital

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