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Priceless Farms

Priceless Farms is a Ugandan organic moringa producer dedicated to permaculture and agroforestry. They export their moringa to clients in Canada, United Kingdom and Germany.

They ensure food security, reduce poverty and malnutrition among the local communities, while protecting the environment. They have reforested and regenerated an area of 143 acres, where they grow their organic moringa and provide employment, housing and clean water to 11 families. With the goal to expand their network of permaculture farms and to reforest as many rural areas in Africa as possible, they reforest around 20 acres of farmland each year.

Priceless Farms' organic moringa

Priceless Farms’ organic moringa is grown in Kayunga district along the River Nile, 100 km from the nearest city, which makes their moringa particularly pollutant-free. The highly biodiverse tropical region and the regenerative agroforest with a great variety of shrubs and tree species make their moringa highly nutritious and flavourful.


Priceless Farms processes their moringa under USDA organic standards, using the highest quality stainless steel equipment. All their operations (cultivating, processing, packaging) are done on the farm, minimising risk of contamination or adulteration.

Priceless Farms' social and environmental impacts

By applying sustainable farming practices, reforesting and operating on 80 % solar energy, Priceless Farms increases ecosystem functions, which will over the years contribute to carbon sequestration and rainfall formation. Reforestation has not only a significant impact on climate but also on people’s wellbeing, health and nutrition, as they have observed that sickness and malnutrition among the community has decreased.

Priceless Farms' certificates
  • USDA Organic

  • UNBS

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