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Kranian Farms

Kranian Farms is a Kenyan producer and exporter of Global GAP certified fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and organic honey. They are committed to pursuing excellence in value and quality, while engaging in organic farming.

Kranian Farms' tropical fruits

Kranian Farms grow their fruits in Central, Western Kenya and Rift Valley, known for tropical climate, abundant biodiversity and rich soil types. Their fruits are organically and sustainably grown without pesticides.  With extended season, their fruits mature naturally.


Kranian Farms offer the following types of fruits:

  • Cavendish bananas

  • Apple mangos

  • Hass, Fuerte and Jumbo avocados

  • passion fruits

  • pineapples.

Kranian Farms' social and environmental impacts

Kranian Farms engages in social projects and environmentally responsible farming practices. Their socially responsible projects include:

  1. women empowerment: 80% of their employees are women

  2. community education: they educate their farmers in sustainable farming practices

  3. poverty eradication by providing income generating activities

  4. fair and competitive salaries.


Being aware that agribusiness has a huge impact on the environment, they engage in diverse environmentally-friendly farming practices:

  • improving soil health during off-season by planting cover crops

  • conserving fresh water by using low-pressure irrigation systems

  • reducing waste with composts and waste management system.

Kranian Farms' certificates
  • Global GAP

Kranian Farms' partnerships
  • International Trade Center (She Trades)

  • Global Women Fresh

  • Fresh Produce Consortium Kenya

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