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Karakuta Farm

Karakuta Farm is a Kenyan producer of Global GAP certified Hass avocados and fresh herbs (basil, rosemary, thyme and sage, among others), located in Juja Kiambu county near Nairobi. They are committed to sustainable agricultural practices, food safety and empowering women farmers. Ambitious and innovative, they’ve invested in systems that enhance the traceability and real time communication with customers.

Karakuta Farm's herbs

Karakuta Farm grows their organic herbs in a controlled production environment (greenhouses and shades) to protect the produce from extreme weather conditions and to ensure that their herbs remain fresh and flavourful. Juja county is known for its oxisol soil, favourable for fast germination. Karakuta Farm uses bio fertilisers and bio insecticides sourced from the EU.

Karakuta Farm's social and environmental impacts

Karakuta Farm has been recognised for empowering women in Kenya’s Juja county. They create great opportunities for female entrepreneurs, supporting them in establishing their own businesses and reaching financial independence. They significantly improve livelihoods in their communities, offering microfinance loans, improving nutrition and providing agricultural training.

Besides their organic farming, Karakuta Farm uses energy efficient technologies, such as a gravity drip system to supply water for their greenhouses. In addition, each year they plant 3000 trees along the river Karakuta’s catchment area.

Karakuta Farm's certificates
  • Global GAP

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