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Homacho Coffee Exporter

Homacho Coffee Exporter is a rapidly-growing Ethiopian coffee producer and exporter, founded in 2006 with the principles of bringing fairness and transparency to coffee value chains. They work with more than 900 coffee growers. They source their extraordinary coffee from Homacho Waeno Cooperative with nearly 4000 members, located on 2000 m altitude on over 2000 hectares of rich volcanic soils in Ethiopia’s Sidamo region.


Focused on consistently delivering high quality green coffee beans to their customers worldwide, while nurturing relationships with their community and environment, Homacho’s vision is to become the leading coffee producer and exporter in Ethiopia.

Homacho's coffee 

Homacho’s coffee is cultivated in Sidamo, a coffee-growing region in southern Ethiopia that produces distinctive coffees from traditional arabica varieties. This world-class single origin coffee expresses considerable aromatic complexity and intensity with a particular emphasis on floral notes. It is grown naturally without any fertilisers, wet processed and medium roasted. Premium batches, grown on micro lots, are fully traceable and rating 88+.

In 2014, this coffee was awarded 2nd place in the East Africa category at the HarVee awards for retail-roasted renditions of green coffees imported to North America.

Homacho's social and environmental impacts

Homacho directly impacts a large community in Ethiopia’s Sidamo region, providing a stable income for nearly 4000 members of Homacho Waeno’s cooperative and other 900 outgrowers in the region.

Focusing on environmental protection, Homacho sources its coffee locally and uses sustainable farming practises, avoiding the use of fertilisers. They use sustainable processing methods, naturally washing and sun-drying their beans, which reduces their carbon footprint.

Homacho's certificates

In 2023, they plan to obtain the Rain Forest Alliance and an organic certification.

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