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Eldo Tea

Eldo Tea is a Kenyan producer and exporter of specialty tea, herbs and spices, founded in 2013 in Nandi County. Their black, purple, green and white teas are sourced from around 3000 smallholder farmers, supporting their farmers and enabling the economic growth of Nandi County in the Rift Valley, home to Kenyan single origin tea.


In 2018, Eldo Tea engaged in the International Trade Centre’s initiative She Trades, which resulted in access to international markets, product expansion to include herbs and spices, poverty alleviation and gender equality among their communities. 


In the future, they aim to increase the number of farmers in their network and acquire a tea processing facility, while developing their international brand, which supplies traceable, single origin, sustainably produced specialty teas.

Eldo's teas

Eldo's teas are sourced from Nandi county, located in the Rift Valley, home to Kenyan artisan, single origin tea. Volcanic soils, 1500 m of altitude, rainy climate with even sunlight distribution make their teas high quality. Their teas are free of pesticides, hand-picked and carefully selected. Their purple tea variety Camellia Sinensis is organically processed in smaller batches.

Eldo Tea's social and environmental impacts

Eldo Tea is committed to developing the local economy by providing their farmers and employees a stable income and training in farming, agribusiness and new crops. Focused on protecting the natural ecosystems, they avoid using any pollutants or pesticide treatments for their tea leaves.

Eldo Tea's certificates
  • KEBS

Eldo Tea's partnerships
  • Tea Research Institute (TRI), Kenya

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