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Botanical Extracts EPZ

Botanical Extracts EPZ Ltd. is a leading Kenyan manufacturer of crude and refined extracts, cold pressed oils and food grade extracts. They source their botanical raw materials from across East African countries and export their products worldwide. Adhering to the Ecocert and FSSC 22000 standards, they continuously invest in product development and consistently produce high quality sustainable products. By developing sustainable supply chains, they improve livelihoods of rural communities and provide their small-scale farmers with regular access to new markets.

Botanical Extract's oils, butters, flavours and colorants
  • Moringa seed oil

  • Shea butter

  • Natural Vanilla extract

  • Natural Annatto extract


Botanical Extract’s products are manufactured from natural raw materials with no added chemicals or preservatives.

Botanical Extracts' social and environmental impacts

Dedicated to environmental sustainability, Botanical Extracts promotes and ensures:

  • a responsible resource management for all their raw materials

  • manufacturing to the lowest possible levels of emissions and chemical usage.

Social responsibility being one of their highest values, they uplift disadvantaged communities and develop ethical raw material supply chains that ensure equitable trading practices and provide fair prices to their suppliers for their goods and services.

Botanical Extracts' certificates
  • Ecocert

  • FSSC ISO 22000

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