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Athi River Oils

Athi River Oils is a Kenyan producer of pure, organic and fair trade cold pressed essential and vegetable oils that they distribute to food grade and cosmetics industries. Founded in 2004, they source their raw materials from over 2000 farmers located in the Mount Kenya regions, with a production capacity of over 2000 kg of oil per day. The company is committed to sustainability by improving the livelihood of farmers through ethical and organic agricultural practices. They ensure to maintain clear operational standards in each step of their supply chain. They sell their products in the USA, Europe (France), Japan and Turkey.

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Athi River's oils

Athi River Oils offers a wide variety of vegetable oils, such as macadamia oil, avocado oil, rosehip oil, sesame oil, grape seed oil, baobab oil etc. Besides, they produce essential oils, such as ginger oil, tea tree oil, frankincense oil etc. Some of their products are sourced from the Mount Kenya region, around Nanyuki Town which is situated 194 km Northeast of Nairobi. Athi River Oils have engaged with local farmers on organic farming practices to ensure the highest quality of raw materials.

Athi River Oils’ social and environmental impacts

Athi River Oil commits to sustainability through organic and ethical farming. They strictly prohibit the use of unapproved chemicals in the growing process. For their environmental efforts, they have been awarded a CO2 balance award for  contributing to reducing carbon emissions. In 2018, they won an energy management award for enhancing energy efficiency in its processing operations. 


Athi River Oils supports their local communities by investing 5 % of their Fair for Life sales. In addition, the company has engaged in the CSR activities and has donated water storage tanks to the farmers. They have made donations to the primary schools in the Nanyuki region by providing desks and other learning materials.

Athi River Oils' certificates
  • Ecocert

  • USDA

  • Fair for Life

  • KBHC halal

  • KLBD kosher

  • FSSC 22000

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