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Agriland, a subsidiary of Afreco, is a producer of essential oils, vegetable oils and butters based in Ivory Coast. Founded in 1998, this family business started with plant cultivation on their own plantations and quickly grew to produce essential oils. A few years ago, Agriland diversified its activities by including vegetable oils and butters in their offer. Having Afreco as a main supplier of raw materials, Agriland is able to control the quality of its products from the source and to ensure a good traceability.

Agriland’s oils
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Agriland offers cold pressed, 100 % crude and natural essential and vegetable oils:

  • essential oil: fresh ginger essential oil

  • vegetable oils: shea butter, palm kernel oil from wild palm trees, sesame oil.


They also produce rare and precious oils and butters from the Ivorian forests and savannas : Kpangnan butter, Allanblackia butter, Touloucouna oil and Owala oil.


All of the oils are products from the Ivory Coast and most of them are wild harvested.

Agriland’s social and environmental impacts

Since their beginnings, Afreco - Agriland group is committed to sustainable practices to create environmental, social and economic impact. Most of their products are wild harvested or grown following organic requirements that reduce adverse environmental impact. The group also manages waste and consumes energy according to the best sustainable practices.


Local communities and their employees are the backbone of the company. Each year, the group develops products with locally unknown commercial value to increase incomes of the local communities and, particularly, to empower women. The group has initiated several social projects, such as the refurbishment of a primary school building or provision of water supply equipment. Dedicated to improving working and living conditions of their partners, they provide them with technical support, ensure good purchase prices to suppliers and offer good salaries and bonuses to their employees.

Agriland's certificates
  • Ecocert organic

  • Ecocert Cosmos Natural

  • KBHC halal

  • KLBD kosher

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