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   Source Africa 

Source Africa provides you direct access
to certified and sustainable African agribusinesses
that offer a wide portfolio of natural products and ingredients. 

Find your next direct sourcing partners today!

Our offer


Wide range of
natural products

Browse through our portfolio of healthy and highly nutritious ingredients!


Certified, sustainable, transparent agribusinesses

Learn more about our certified and sustainable agribusinesses and find your future direct sourcing partners!


Online sourcing events

Meet your preferred suppliers all at once at our online sourcing events!


Agribusiness Clustering

We cluster agribusinesses to build capacity, improve product quality and aggregate supply for orders a single agribusiness cannot facilitate alone.

Digital tool for product transparency

Natural Cosmetics Cluster Uganda

Nuts Cluster Kenya

Avocado Cluster Kenya

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A digital transparency solution providing insight into geographical origins, production processes, sustainability, and socially responsible practices of agribusinesses and their supply chains.


Healthy Green Choice

Developing food systems based on full compliance with transparent and internationally recognised criteria of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

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Looking for organic suppliers?
Take a look at our latest catalogue!

Are you a supplier?

Would you like to connect with international buyers of your products?

Are you interested in joining our next sourcing event?

Are you a buyer?

Would you like to find a high quality supplier from East Africa?

Are you interested in joining
our next sourcing event?

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